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Prover Tanks

We are leading Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of a wide range of Prover Tanks, Prover Tank for Industrial applications. Our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Majorly we serve our products to customers in Saudi Arabia.

Steelfab Engineering Pvt. LTD. offers Prover tanks of capacity 50 Ltrs. to 5000 Ltrs with variety of material of construction and designed as per Indian Standard and International standard under the certification of weights and measures.

We offer stationery as well as mobile prover tanks for use in checking commercial bulk measures, Vehicle tanks, Bulk meters etc these are all made with same accuracy and quality as the smaller test measures. These provers are easy to use, reliable and low cost way to measure the output accuracy of liquid metering equipments.

For Companies it is Necessary to Concern Fairness and Accuracy When Liquid are Sold, So After Necessary time Frame it is Required to Calibrate Measuring Devices, Hence this Prover Tanks are Portable in Nature and Prove the Accuracy Of Measuring Devices on site.

Ordering Parameters
Material Of Constructions
  • AISI 304
  • AISI 304 L
  • AISI 316
  • AISI 316 L
  • IS2062 GR B
Capacity Of Prover Tanks
  • C1 50 Litres C2 100 Litres
  • C3 200 Litres C4 500 Litres
  • C5 1000 Litres C6 1500 Litres
  • C7 2000 Litres C8 5000 Litres
Inlet And Outlet Connection
  • Inlet: 3" And Above Mentioned
  • Outlet2", 3". 4" Or Specified

Type Of Power Tanks
  • T1 Fixed Prover Tanks
  • T2 Mobile Prover Tanks

  • L1 Top Loading With One Valve
  • L2 Bottom Loading With Two Valve

  • A1 With Decanting Pump And Motor With Control Pumps
  • Mounting Pump With Or without Control Panel
  • A2 Fixed Hose - 3 Mtrs
  • A3 DOL Starter For Motor
  • A4 Temperature Ggauge (3 Location)

The GSM Based Tank Level Indicator & Transmitter

This System Responds To Today's Demand For Real Time Remote Manitaring of Tank Levels Of Wide Variety of Precious Consumables Such As Diesel, Kerosene, Oil, Food, Urea, Fertilizers in the Industries By Displaying the real time level on Your Cellular Mobile Phone Via SMS (Short Messaging Service) The Systems Also Come along with a potential Free Contact To Drive Alarm Visual Indicator To Indicate Tank Full Indication. The System Comes In Two Models KGTL-M, KGTL C.

Operating Principle

The System Works On the Simple Principle Of Variable Resistance, The Sensor Used Contains a Series Of Reed Switches & Resistors Which Form a "Potentiometer" The Circuit Which Extends To the Full Indicating Length Of the Transmitter As the Floot Travels Over the Indicating Distance the Resistance Changes And its Output Varies In Range of Industry Standard 4-20 ma Current Range. The Indicator Displays the Volume of Liquid Present In the Tank. The System is Equipped With a quadband GSm Modern Which Transmits the Level Of Tank Via SMS to the Prestored Mobile Number The KGTL -C Model Comes With Added Feature of Interface with the PC, The Data Can Be Saved & Viewed On Our Software.

Tupical Application

#Fuel Pumps # Petrochemical Industry # Pharmaceutical Industry # Food Processing Industry # Chemical Fertilizer Industry.